Secure Your Sensitive Data

Always Encrypted. Always Searchable. Always Secure.

You want to protect your sensitive data from being stolen by hackers. But when you encrypt it, your database can't query it, making features hard to build. What to do?

The answer: use EnquoDB.

EnquoDB allows you to easily encrypt your data, and still keep it searchable. Using state-of-the-art cryptography, EnquoDB keeps your data safe and your features flowing.

Always Encrypted

Encrypted Data In Your Database

Whether it's a misconfigured server, or an SQL injection bug in your application, dumping a copy of your database is a common attack vector. If the data in the database is encrypted, though, it's game over for the bad guys.

Always Searchable

Don't Sacrifice Features

EnquoDB's cutting-edge cryptography means that, even though your data is safely encrypted, doesn't mean it's inaccessible. Our client plugins allow your application to transparently query data, even while it's encrypted!

Always Secure


With your data encrypted, you can give your developers a copy of production, knowing that it can't be accidentally leaked. Our databases are managed by experienced DBAs, leaving your developers to do what they do best.

How do I use EnquoDB?

  1. Sign up for an EnquoDB-enabled fully-managed PostgreSQL server, or install the pg_enquo extension in your own PostgreSQL server.
  2. Use an Enquo client in your application to transparently encrypt, query, and decrypt the data.

Still got questions? We've got answers!

I Need Some Help!

In addition to our managed database service, we also provide technical support, training, and custom development services for the EnquoDB technology stack. If you need help getting EnquoDB running on your own servers, want the peace of mind that we've got your back in an emergency, or need EnquoDB to be more awesome, then get in touch.